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08/22/2017 So as of today it is official, Pleasant Creek Cove is a Non Profit Organization! But because my man Dan, the founder is simply unstoppable we got through it!

(Minus two obstacles, the first, misspelling of Creek, the second, a flat tire, lol!)

The Goal

The homeless problem in Buckeye is unacceptable! Overcrowded shelters with week long waiting lists are the norm. What’s worse yet, some mothers we have encountered even prefer no housing over these shelters! As a result of the overcrowding, a mother and her kids would be expected to take housing with drug addicts.

While we sympathize for those struggling with addiction, the well being of children takes priority! This is not an environment families need to be exposed to and have their children in!

We are raising funds and resources with the aid of the great people in our community of Buckeye! Pleasant Creek Cove aims to provide these mothers and their families transitional housing. We plan to go beyond simply housing these families within our community.

Pleasant Creek Cove

We aim to make sure they have the opportunities necessary to succeed and get back on their feet. Because eliminating the homelessness within our community is most certainly something we could not be doing alone!

Buckeye Arizona is an amazing community We are proud to call our home with lots of great folks! To find out more information about how you can do your part in achieving this goal, Call or Email us. Because we would love to hear from you!