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Thank you for choosing to help your community and Make A Donation because Pleasant Creek Cove couldn’t succeed without you! Because of donations from great people like you, our vision to create transitional homes for families in need is well underway!

Rest assured, because your donation assists not only just in the construction of our transitional homes. Because shelter is a temporary solution, Pleasant Creek Cove intends to go beyond that! Collaborating with other non profit entities we will provide single mothers and their children long term solutions.

“The thing I like most about the Pleasant Creek Cove organization is your desire to help out kids! –When it comes to children, their smiles, laughter, just knowing you made a difference in their lives. I volunteer to help the kids in my spare time as well! And everytime I do, I have a renewed sense of hope and life, which comes from the kids! “

-Sam Emerson

“I’ve known Dan for a number of years! Seeing him work so hard to help out his community is a breath of fresh air. I donate to Pleasant Creek Cove becauseI know my donations my money goes to a good cause!”

-Camie Cuypers

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